Next-generation personal care

NET/ZERO refillable system

Refill, Reuse, Reduce: Love the Planet

Our refill system lies at the heart of our mission to create a sustainable future.

With our zero-waste starter kit, we offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bottled products. The kit includes a reusable, non-plastic bottle and our premium essentials - shampoo, various washes, and moisturiser.

Instead of constantly buying new bottled products and contributing to the global plastic waste problem (with only 9% being recycled!), you can simply purchase a refill of our essentials packed in biodegradable sachets. Additionally, it's a cost-effective option in the long run, as you only need to repurchase the base product without acquiring a new bottle every time.

How do you use the refill? Simple! Just add water to the bottle, pour the sachet into the water, shake, and it's done. In addition, you have the option to customise your products by incorporating one to three of our NET/ZERO active ingredient boosters to meet your specific needs.

Our refill system helps to reduce waste and transport emissions, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

It's an easy and effective way to care for both yourself and the planet.

1. Add tap water

Add drinking water up to the mark or use a measuring cup for the exact measurement of water needed.

2. Add a booster

Add the booster to the water. (Up to 3 different boosters can be added.)

3. Add a refill

Pour the refill into the water and close the bottle with the dosing pump.

4. Shake & Go!

Shake vigorously for 10 sec and let the product rest for 10 min before its first use.