• Crafting personal care with your values in mind

    At NET/ZERO, we believe that personal care is about more than just looking good and feeling refreshed. That's why, in 2021, we founded our innovative company with the core principle that you should be able to choose the products that align with your values. As a result, our commitment to providing quality personal care goes beyond a simple list of natural ingredients. We laid the foundation with a potent blend and a zero-waste concept in our lab. But what mattered to us most was putting the power in your hands to personalise your products and become the true master of your self-care while protecting nature and all living beings.


The story

Well...To be honest, at the outset of our intergalactic journey, our team astonishingly failed to notice the breathtaking beauty of Earth. Instead, we set our sights on a gray planet named Plaston, shrouded in a smoggy haze. We were aware that industrialization was advancing at the speed of light there, and we were curious to touch the extreme levels of determination and thirst for progress achieved by the Plastonians.

As we got closer, we realised that everything was vibrant and colorful, creating an illusory feeling of freshness. However, to our dismay, we discovered that these were dried-up oceans filled with various plastic containers, which they had no place to store, so they discarded them into the oceanic chasms, neglecting this seemingly insignificant issue. The inhabitants were solely focused on making their planet the greatest industrial force in the universe, unaware that they were the only participants in this competition. Unwittingly, they were making unacceptable compromises with their existence in the name of success.

After landing our spacecraft on Plaston, we spent about a year there during which we learned a lot. This year was enough to understand that we couldn't remain indifferent to the tragic dance of plastic containers, slowly taking over not only the oceans but the entire planet as well. Effortlessly, we collectively decided that while we were guests on Plaston, we would work diligently for a cause promoting no more single-use plastic packaging! We already had an idea of what to do, and fortunately, our spacecraft was equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory that Plastonians couldn't have even dreamed of. There, we conducted our round-the-clock studies and experiments...

And so, 18 months later, "NET/ZERO" was born - zero % plastic waste, a hundred % innovation. A brand that awakens the senses and revitalizes hope. Personal care products that are more than just fantastic - they carry a deep meaning. Each drop of shampoo, each note of fragrance, every touch on the skin is a pathway to a better future. These are products that love the planet, and the planet loves them back. NET/ZERO is not just personal care. It is a mantra for sustainability, a song of nature that harmonises with each new product. The solution was simple - we replaced single-use plastic bottles with refillable aluminum bottles and invented compact natural refills, packaged in 0% plastic. Because they are lightweight and compact, transport emissions on Plaston were reduced by 92% and with this we completed our mission there successfully.

Everyone on Plaston expressed their gratitude, and we boarded our spaceship again, continuing our intergalactic journey. We had heard that there was another planet in the Solar System suffering from the same disease... (happy end)

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