The powder of boosters for your ideal skin or hair treatment


They say that good things come in small packages. We totally agree. That’s why we launched the small, but mighty NET/ZERO boosters, to help you take your skin and hair care game to a whole new level. 

What are boosters?

Imagine flipping a switch to create your very own custom blend of skin and hair care products in just seconds. This is exactly what these little wonders can do – giving you the opportunity to combine, experiment and ultimately create the best formulation that works for you and your personal care needs.

Personalised Skin Care

The NET/ZERO boosters allow you to customise your hair and skincare routine according to your specific concerns. By incorporating one or up to three different boosters into NET/ZERO essentials (shampoo, face, body, hand washes, or mosturiser), you are effectively creating a tailored plan of attack to tackle your unique concerns.

Targeted Formulation and Highly Effective Active Ingredients

The boosters are specially formulated in our lab to address your skin and hair care needs, including issues related to acne-prone and oily skin types, dandruff and scalp concerns, or extra dry and weak hair. The boosters contain a unique blend of active ingredients that work synergistically to combat skin and hair care issues.

Our boosters are specially developed in our laboratory. We use 95%+ natural ingredients to offer you the best possible experience, including silk protein and collagen, which help to improve skin texture and elasticity, and aloe vera, giving you soft, hydrated skin while treating dryness and rough patches. 

A powerful dendrimer infused with naturally derived lysine amino acids serves as a formidable combatant against acne while effectively regulating sebum production.

ReviScalp, derived from the endemic Australian Aniseed Myrtle, is another key component you'll discover among our ingredients. It is specifically designed to tackle inflammation for a healthy scalp, effectively combating dandruff.

Why do I need boosters instead of ready-to-use products?

‘Why should I use a booster?’, we hear you say. In a nutshell, it offers you a temporary or long-term solution to your specific skin and hair care issues. By adding boosters to your routine, you supercharge your NET/ZERO essentials experience and reap the potent double effect of the premium NET/ZERO base products and the active ingredient boosters.

‘Why not simply buy a regular anti-dandruff shampoo or acne lotion from a store or pharmacy?’ That’s a legitimate question. The short answer is: Because what’s in them is good, and what they do is doubly good, thanks to amplifying the power of NET/ZERO base products.

You can incorporate boosters into your skincare routine in a variety of ways. Whether you're dealing with dry skin, acne-prone, and oily skin, or simply want to enhance the overall health of your skin, boosters can be the secret weapon you've been looking for. For example, skin boosters for dry skin or for acne-prone and oily skin can be included both in your cleansing and moisturising skincare routine by combining them with washes and/or a moisturiser. You can also use the boosters to treat different body areas, depending on the product you combine them with - whether it's your face, body, or hair.

Before we focus on the boosters, let’s praise the natural goodness of the base products range. It is your starting point and a great base to build on and add your custom mix of skin and hair care products. We understand why the essentials range products have become favourites of the daily routine of so many. We love them too! And what’s not to love about effective products, harnessing the power of a natural composition and unique ingredients?

We have carefully formulated them to cater to a wide range of needs, making sure they are the perfect foundation for any skin or hair care routine.

Boosters are versatile

Occasionally, we all face issues like acne breakouts, dandruff, or dryness that require extra attention. Our boosters come to the rescue in such situations. Whether it's a temporary problem or a long-term concern, our boosters provide targeted solutions to address these issues effectively.

Short-term solutions

Temporary problems, such as stress-related acne, hormonal breakouts (commonly experienced before menstruation), or seasonal dryness, can be resolved with the help of our boosters. Once you tackle this short-term issue, you can seamlessly return to your beloved NET/ZERO base products.

Long-term help

For those with dry skin or lifeless, brittle hair, our base products are already excellent choices. However, everyone is unique, and even dryness or lifeless hair can vary in severity.

To enhance nourishment and hydration, a vitamin booster enriched with silk protein can be incredibly beneficial. This booster complements our base products and amplifies their power, effectively combating dryness and reviving your hair and skin.

If you have oily skin, you can easily create a combination of an oily skin booster and a base product of your choice to help address your concerns.

The flexibility and customisation you achieve by using the boosters with base products means that you will find the optimal match that works best for your needs.

Double Potency

When used in conjunction with NET/ZERO base products, the boosters amplify the benefits of your skin and hair care routine.

Meet the team

Our magic booster trio is here to help you with all your short or long-term skin and hair care needs. Say hello to the mighty booster lineup!

1. The Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Booster

The Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Booster contains a potent combination of highly effective active ingredients known for their anti-acne and oil-controlling properties. These ingredients work together to help reduce breakouts, minimise oiliness, and promote a clearer and healthier complexion.

2. The Anti-Dandruff Booster

The Anti-Dandruff Booster features a unique mix of active ingredients known for their anti-dandruff properties. The ingredients help alleviate dandruff symptoms, soothe the scalp, reduce flaking, and promote a balanced and healthy scalp environment.

3. The Vitamino-Silk Booster

This Vitamino-Silk Booster offers you a range of active ingredients known for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties for your skin and hair. You’ll benefit from an increase in collagen production, improved skin, and hair texture, and enhanced overall skin and hair health.

How do the boosters work?

The boosters come in a convenient 10 ml dose. You can add up to three different boosters to a new base product, also called a refill.

Our boosters are simple to use. Pick one or more boosters you’d like to use alongside your NET/ZERO essentials range. Measure and add tap water as instructed in the leaflet provided with the booster. Shake well and let it sit for 10 minutes. That’s it, we promise. Now you have a ready-to-use, 250ml product.

You can use different boosters for a truly unique blend that works best for you.
Our three boosters, Vitamino-Silk Booster, Anti-Dandruff Booster, Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Booster can only be used with NET/ZERO base products and are not suitable for direct application. You can use the NET/ZERO base products with added boosters as often as needed - the whole NET/ZERO line is natural, hypoallergenic, and ultralight in texture.

With NET/ZERO skincare products, you can use the Vitamino-Silk Booster and the Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Booster.

With NET/ZERO hair care products, you can use Vitamino-Silk Booster and Anti-Dandruff Booster.


The power of the NET/ZERO boosters works wonders when it comes to achieving your ideal skin or hair treatment. They offer a versatile solution to customise your skincare and haircare routine according to your specific concerns. These boosters, formulated with highly effective active ingredients, address various issues such as acne-prone and oily skin, dandruff, and dryness. This means that by weaving them into the NET/ZERO essentials range, you create a tailored plan of attack to tackle your unique needs.

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