Seagull and plastic




Mia's Natural Self-care Journey

Mia is 25 and used to believe that effectiveness was the only thing that mattered when it came to personal care products. Her struggle with severe acne made her try even the most aggressive products but she was never satisfied with the results, no matter how many medical prescriptions she fulfilled. In fact, she either experienced short-term improvement or no effect at all. To make matters worse, she started developing allergies to many cosmetics and started experiencing painful rashes on her face.

Feeling desperate and frustrated, Mia began doing her own research into the ingredients used in the products she was applying to her skin. She discovered that many of the chemicals used in these products were not only harmful to her skin but also to the environment. She knew she had to make a change. 

Mia decided to try a more natural approach to her skincare routine. She developed a keen eye for natural ingredients by reading extensively about their functions and effects on the skin. She thoroughly checked the ingredient lists before purchasing any products and educated herself on the products using these components.

Mia began testing every emulsion on a small area of her skin before applying it to her whole face or body to avoid any adverse reactions.

Finally, she found that natural, hypoallergenic products worked best for her skin. She began to notice a significant improvement in her complexion. Her skin looked healthier and clearer. She also noticed that her irritation and rashes subsided. And she was even more pleased to discover that the products that helped her were also environmentally friendly.

Mia didn't stop at her skincare routine, though. Encouraged by her success, she began to pay closer attention to what she was putting in her body as well. She began seeking out organic and locally-sourced foods whenever possible.

For Mia, making the switch to natural products and organic food was a life-changing decision. Not only did it improve her health and appearance, but it also opened up a new world of vitality and inner balance that she never knew existed.


Bill and His Family's Eco-awakening

Bill (35) and his family were on vacation in a small village by the ocean. They had been enjoying the beautiful scenery and the fresh breeze when they stumbled upon a heart-wrenching scene. A seagull had become entangled in a plastic bottle ring and was struggling to free itself. The plastic ring that had cut into its neck caused it pain. The locals were doing what they could to help, but unfortunately, they could not save it. Bill and his wife watched in horror as the bird struggled for its life and died from its injuries, unable to feed or fend for itself. 

This experience was a turning point for them. They were angered by the careless disposal of plastic waste, and it made them realize the impact their own actions had on the environment. Because until recently, they also used plastic bags, bought water and shampoo in plastic bottles, and didn't pay extra attention to recycling or reducing their waste.

They returned home, determined to make changes in their own lives. The horrific memory made them look with disgust at plastics. Bill started researching the impact of plastics on the environment and animals and was shocked by what they found.

They realized they needed to reevaluate their trash disposal habits and take action. They started by bringing their own reusable bags and water bottles everywhere they went, and recycling everything they could. They also reconsidered the cosmetics they used and only looked for eco-friendly products.

Over time, their small changes became habits, and they started to inspire others around them to do the same. Bill's green story began with a heartbreaking moment, but it led him and his family to a more mindful and caring way of living.

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